Forget What You've Heard - PM Viewers for Higher Earnings

"Make them tip for PMs!" Wrong. This bad advice costs you money. Follow my method instead.


7/23/20231 min read

person using laptop
person using laptop

The debate on whether to charge for private messages (PMs) has been a topic of discussion among models. While some advocate for charging tokens for PMs, it might not be the best approach for everyone, especially those with fewer viewers in their rooms.

Models who enjoy a large following and consistently have over 100 viewers might find charging for PMs reasonable, as they have enough interaction in public chat and may not need to engage in private conversations. However, for most models with fewer than 100 viewers, PMs can be a valuable tool to connect with viewers on a more personal level.

Sending a quick greeting in public chat is essential, but coupling it with a PM can work wonders. Shyer viewers may feel more comfortable opening up in private conversations, sharing their fantasies and desires. Moreover, viewers may be juggling multiple rooms simultaneously, making it easy to miss messages in public chat. A PM ensures your message stands out and increases the chances of making a connection.

To maximize your efficiency in responding to PMs, consider having pre-written opening messages saved in a separate program. This way, you can quickly copy and paste the appropriate message based on the viewer's interests or location. Capturing their attention promptly is vital, particularly in rooms with lower viewer counts where attention might be more limited.

Remember, the goal is to engage viewers, understand their desires, and build connections that could lead to more earnings. PMs can be an effective tool to achieve this, especially when public chat activity is lower.